Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NAFC turns over checks to Gawad Saka awardees

The Outstanding Organization Achievers in Agriculture and Fisheries, adjudged in the 2010 Gawad Saka Search, claimed their grant prize at the National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC). The turnover of the checks was led by Engr. Noel A. Juliano, NAFC Officer-in-Charge, together with Division Chiefs Ms. Elgie L. Namia, Mr. Elmer G. Estiandan, Engr. Alexander S. Daroya, Ms. Diosile G. Arida and Ms. Celeste V. Villena, and other NAFC officers. 

Four of the Outstanding Achievers each received a check worth P150,000—Catuguing Palayamanan 4H Working Youth Club (Outstanding Young Farmer/Fisherfolk Organization), Diffun Saranay & Development Cooperative (Outstanding Small Farmer/Fisherfolk Organization), Sinamar Norte Rural Improvement Club (Outstanding Rural Improvement Club), and Municipal Agricultural & Fishery Council of Dingras, Ilocos Norte (Outstanding MAFC). The Provincial Agricultural & Fishery Council of Quezon was awarded with a grant prize of P250,000 for being the Outstanding PAFC.The said grant prizes will serve as capital in their proposed agricultural and fishery undertakings to further enhance the organizations’ operation/s.The Gawad Saka Search is a yearly undertaking of the Department of Agriculture which aims to recognize outstanding achievements of farmers and fisherfolk who have worked hard and practiced the acquired knowledge and technologies in the field of agriculture and fisheries.


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