Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NAFC reviews 1st sem accomplishments, gears up for upcoming efforts

Before its full consolidation with the Livestock Development Council as the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF), the top management and key staff of the National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC) conducted a review of their first semester accomplishments for this year and determined the best strategies for the effective implementation of their second semester targets.

The 2014 NAFC Mid-Year Performance Review and Planning Workshop was held last August 14 at the Rural Development Education Center-Agricultural Training Institute in Quezon City and on August 15 and 22 at the NAFC Apacible Conference Room at the Department of Agriculture (DA) Compound also in Quezon City.

Executive Director Ariel Cayanan encouraged the NAFC workforce to explore all possible means to ensure that they can achieve the agency’s remaining targets for the year.

Meanwhile, Deputy Executive Director Florabelle Uy-Yap urged for the active participation and contributions of the NAFC employees present in the workshop so that they can achieve productive results in the end.


For its Major Final Output (MFO) on Public Stakeholders Consultations/Dialogue, under its Projects, Activities, Programs (PAP) 1 or the Formulation and Monitoring of Agricultural and Fishery Policies, Plans and Programs, the NAFC, through its consultative bodies (CBs), endorsed 87 policy recommendations and resolutions which is 114% of the targets, and resolved five policy issues which is 250% of the targets. 

A total of 1,161 consultations and workshops were conducted by the NAFC’s CBs, namely the National Agriculture and Fisheries Council (NAF Council), the National Sectoral Committees (NSCs), and the Agricultural and Fishery Councils (AFCs), which is 86% of the total target for the first semester this year. 

Out of those consultations, 206 resolutions and position papers were endorsed (42%) and 101 local policy issues were resolved (58%). For the number of policy agenda prepared, the NAFC attained a total of 112 or 156% of the targets. 

For the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities, the agency has so far completed six policy briefs, reviews and recommendations (43%), prepared 200 M&E reports (45%) and distributed 3,137 copies of those reports to partners and stakeholders (112%). 

The agency was also able to facilitate four partnership agreements in the first semester of this year (57%). A total of 20,427 copies of information, education and communication (IEC) and advocacy materials were distributed to partners and stakeholders and its official website ( garnered a total of 12,812 visits in the past six months.

Overall, the NAFC’s accomplishments averaged to 100% of its first semester targets for PAP1, 269% for PAP2 or the Information Management System, and 57% for PAP3 or the Partnership Convergence and Development.

Planned efforts

For the second semester, the agency will undertake one NAF Council meeting, 57 consultations for the NSCs, and 1,260 consultations, workshops, summits, and conventions for the AFCs. This will include a joint planning workshop among the agency, NSCs and AFCs which is scheduled in the fourth quarter this year.

The agency is also set to conduct an evaluative study on the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act starting this fourth quarter.

Aside from the re-activation of the technical working committees, the agency will also push for the re-activation of the regional and provincial monitoring teams among the AFCs to undertake the M&E activities planned out for the rest of the year.

The agency is also looking for means to facilitate easier fund access and releases for the AFCs in different regions.


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